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Training & Behaviour

Puppy & Dog training & Behaviours

For many years I have worked and studied dogs and their behaviours.

I have attended and studied various courses in training and behaviours & I have worked with many different breeds through being a professional dog walker and also as a trainer.

With this knowledge and practical skills & over 10 years working alongside dogs, I can offer practical and understandable advice with either your pup or adult dog. 

Thinking about getting a puppy? I can offer practical advice and breed advice before you make that life changing decision or if you have just got your puppy.

I can come to your home or meet on zoom. 

TRAINING & BEHAVIOUR : I will start with a meeting to discuss your dogs needs and then set out a training plan and practical ways to help your dog be all that you want him/her to be & bring joy to your dog too.

I aim to make my training and advice practical, fun and easy to understand. 

You can book an initial meeting + a 3 session block booking(once a week) where we meet, depending on training needs, in your home or out at a local park. £100

or an individual training session is £35 ( This is booked as a one off training or booked individually)

My hope is to help you achieve the desired results for your dog to let him/her live a happy, well balanced lifestyle alongside you.

To get in touch, leave a message here,

 or Text/Whatsapp me : 07306 071964 


Let's start the journey to a well behaved dog

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