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'Twas the night before Christmas - A Christmas story.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

George sat with his bum on the floor and his back legs sticking out straight as his owners were busy putting on their shoes and jumpers, wrapping up warm to go outside.

"But it's not walkies time?" George thought to himself, knowing in his little body clock the exact times of walks and food. "Are they going out without me!" He thought.

It was late on Christmas eve, the snow had fallen freshly onto the ground outside so as George watched from the back window as his beloved owners walked up the garden and out the gate, he could see their footprints cut out into the snow, going in the wrong direction as far as he was concerned!

The gate closed and George paced about thinking and glancing back towards the gate at the end of the garden. "I'm home alone for a little while" He thought as a grin came over his face.

He went straight upstairs and jumped up on the bed, rolling around, messing up the covers, then he jumped down and went into the bathroom where the toilet roll caught his eye, he stretched up as tall as his little Poochon legs could stretch and just got hold of the end of the loo roll with his teeth, he tugged it down & rolled around catching it in his curly hair and body and then ran down the stairs with the loo roll unravelling behind him, he sprinted into the living room around the Christmas tree, around the furniture, laughing and barking as he went, this was so much fun and to George looked very Chrismassy indeed!

Then suddenly the loo roll came to an end and the game was over, He looked back around the room and the stairs to admire his handy work, "mum & dad will love my decorations, i'm sure " he chuckled to himself.

George in his Santa suit

After that burst of mischievousness George had a little drink and started to settle down on a blanket near the Christmas tree, he liked laying there and seeing the twinkle of the lights sparkling and shining beams of light off of the decorations and tinsel. He span around once, then twice, then a third time before he was happy to lay curled up for a snooze, he drifted off warm and cosy.

Some time later he woke with a start as he heard the back gate click. "are they home" he thought excitedly. But this didn't feel right, he felt a different energy and crept to the back door curtains to peer out into the garden, which was slightly illuminated by the crisp white snow on the ground and falling from the sky.

He could see two dark figures coming into the garden and knew straight away this wasn't good. He listened intently whilst staying out of sight.

" Lets try this house Barry, it looks like they are out and Father Christmas must have already delivered as there are a bundle of goodies under that tree" one man said in a rough voice whilst cupping his hands to his eyes looking through the back door window.

"Yeah, I recon we can steal all the presents and be gone in no time" the other man said.

George's eyes widened, "what can I do to stop this?" he thought to himself.

The first burglar rattled on the door handle to the back door, George could see it move up and down from his hiding place and rushed quickly to the dog flap on the door, hitting it so hard with his head it opened with force right onto the shins of the burglar. He let out a cry as he felt the pain in his leg and turned to his friend,giving him a punch! " what are you doing kicking me?" he said angrily. " I didn't" the other man said. George ran back giggling to himself, " I have a new game now, stop the burglars!!"

The men went out the gate to around the front of the house to get some tools out of their van,

They didn't see the next door neighbours sledge out in the garden alleyway and stood on it sending them skating down the path with the skills of an ice skater from dancing on ice getting a 10 score! , that was until they met the dustbins and crashed into them like a bowling ball hitting the skittles, leaving one of the burglars with his legs sticking up, head first in the bin. He emerged with stinking old rubbish hanging off of him and a banana peel on top of his head looking like a weird new hat!

As they were going through all that, George had crept out the dog flap into the back garden and turned on the water hose. "brrr it's chilly out here tonight" he thought as the snow stuck to his paws and made little snowballs around his feet like little pompoms. He ran the water for a few seconds then turned off the hose and dived back into the house. The water on the ground outside soon froze over and became ice.

The two nasty burglars came creeping back into the back garden, George could just make out their shifty eyes darting to and fro making sure they weren't seen by any neighbours. As they approached the back of the house, the first man stepped onto the ice George had made and took off! His feet went right from under him and he flipped up in the air and landing with a bang on his back, with his legs flying above his head!

Before the other burglar could react he too had slipped and flew right into the air before crashing down on top of his criminal friend. They lay there in a crumpled heap not knowing or understanding what had just happened.

George did a little fist pump in the air, "YES" he barked as he sneaked off for the next idea.

He ran upstairs to the bathroom and jumped onto the toilet then up onto the window sill.

He had seen his hoomans open the window many times and thought how hard can it be?

So with his little mouth and paws he got hold of the handle to the window and slowly turned it until he saw it open with a click. George scanned his eyes over the shelf of the window and saw a heavy looking toothbrush holder, he nudged it to the open gap of the window, looked down at the garden where the two men were trying to get back to their feet and gave the heavy holder a shove so it toppled out the window and fell at great speed to the ground bashing one of the burglars on the head and sending him into a spin on the ice before crunching back down again on top of his friend! "Ouch!" he cried "what was that!"

As they looked up they could see George at the window looking very happy with himself.

"It's just a little dog, we can steal him too!" Barry the burglar snarled in an angry voice.

George sprinted downstairs, stopping at the Christmas tree. He got hold of the lights and pulled at them with his teeth until they started to unravel, he dragged the line of lights to the back door. Next he nudged his water bowl toward the same spot, just below his dog flap.

By now Barry the burglar was back on his feet helping his mate up too. He brushed the snow from his black clothing and made his way to the back door. He told his friend to try and climb through the dog flap as he was much smaller than himself. The burglar put his boot through and before he realised it had crunched down on the Christmas tree lights breaking a few of them and leaving the electrical part exposed, as he fumbled around with his foot trying to work out how he could squeeze in, he knocked Georges water bowl over. The water spilled and quickly swept toward the burglars foot and the broken electric lights. Never mix water with electric!! The water came alive with what looked like a blue flash to Georges eyes and went straight up the mans leg. Through the back door window George could see the man light up like the Christmas tree and fly off his feet backwards across the garden landing in the snow head first with the odd flash of blue light flickering on his clothes, making him twitch!

George fell onto his back and did a little celebratory roll and laughed to himself, "another win for George".

By now the burglars were more angry and intent to break in and started to try and break the back door with their burglars tools. One of the men went around to the front door to try there too.

Style at Christmas

George sprang to his feet and had an idea of what to do next. He ran into the living room and bounced as hard as he could onto the sofa, using it as a trampoline, he flew through the air until he reached the light switch on the wall, bumping his little black nose onto the switch and turning on the lights. He ran to the TV remote controls and hit the "on" switch making the TV spring to life and turned the volume up with his tiny paw. The burglar at the front door stopped in his tracks as from outside he could see the lights and TV come on, he sprinted around to the back garden to warn Barry that someone was home.

As the two burglars stood at the back door discussing what to do next and if anyone was actually home, George had got hold of his Top dog harness and lead & quietly pulled it through the dog flap into the garden and gently wrapped it around both men's legs, looping them together. He tip toed back inside the house and went to the back door windows to watch.

The men spotted him and started to walk towards the window but as they did the Top dog harness & lead pulled tight around their legs, yanking them together as though they were in a winter dance on strictly come dancing! They span around and not for the first time on this Christmas eve bumped down hard on their bums in the ever thickening snow.

"Right, that's it, I'm getting in this house right now! shouted Barry the burglar.

He rushed to the back door breaking through and into the kitchen, seeing red he had forgotten about the presents and stealing, he just wanted to catch George now.

But George had other plans, whilst the men had been doing their tangled Christmas dance in the snow, George had set some traps ready to stop these mean spirited men, but first He had gone to the thing that his hoomans put to their ear and what he thought always talked to themselves for ages, he tapped his foot on the 999 buttons and left it off the hook.

He ran to the top of the stairs, George loved his toys so he set a few squeaky ones on the stairs and some tennis balls towards the top.

The men rushed through the house after him as they saw him run upstairs, in hot pursuit they hit the stairs and straight onto the squeaky toys but not stopping them just making them jump, but next they hit the tennis balls, setting their feet off like upside down jugglers. The men landed in a bundle at the bottom of the stairs, arms and legs all tangled together, bruised and bumped.

George enjoying his fun night, smiled to himself, "how nice of mum and dad to send me these fun men to play with while they were out" he sniggered.

The men admitted defeat and turned to the front door. " You pesky little dog", Barry the burglar snarled, grabbing some presents from under the Christmas tree on their way out.

But George was ready for their next move and had iced the front steps and had loosened the heavy plant pots on the front porch roof so as the burglars sprinted out the front door they slipped over making a big enough bang on the ground to make the plant pots fall from the roof and plop straight onto their heads. The two men sat dazed and confused.

The sound of sirens from the police cars grew louder as they sped into Georges road and screeched to a halt at his house, Jumping out and running over to the men, arresting them & laughing at the same time at the sight of them covered in snow and earth and with the plant pots over their heads. "You are going to prison for a long time, we have been searching for the Christmas bandits for a long time" the big jolly police officer said.

Moments later George stepped into view from the front door wagging his tail.

His hoomans arrived home to see the madness that had happened on this Christmas eve.

They went inside with the Police officer and looked around. They saw the mess but soon worked out George had saved the day & Christmas.

" George, our super Poochon, you are a hero". They scooped him up and gave him huge cuddles. Looking at the toilet roll on the stairs and around the kitchen, they said "That wasn't the Christmas bandits though was it George?"

George looked down as though guilty, but they all laughed out loud and cuddled their little hero once again.

Once all the Police officers had gone and taken the Christmas bandits with them, they tidied the house and set the lights back on the tree. As the clock hit midnight, George sat with his mum and dad as they drank delicious steaming hot chocolate, snuggled up with a big fluffy blanket over them, looking at the tree and all the presents Santa had left earlier.

Suddenly George heard a jingle outside, he cocked his head to the side to try and hear better, there it was again. He ran to the back door and dived through his dog flap door onto the crispy white fresh snow. He looked up and saw what looked like reindeer running through the sky and a big red sleigh being pulled by them. He heard a huge "Ho Ho Ho" and saw Santa waving to him. You see our pets can see Santa on Christmas eve, but all children must be sound asleep in bed.

George barked as loud as he could in excitement as he saw the sleigh vanish at speed which looked like a shooting star lighting up the night sky.

He went inside and sat between his mum and dad, curled up and fell sound asleep.

What a Christmas adventure George had been through!

He couldn't wait to tell Rolo, Coco,Pablo, Ernie, Walter, Luna, Mabel, Teddy, Winnie and Baxter his walking best pals.


George can be found on instagram @georgedogjames

Top dog harness is on instagram @topdogharness

George is walked by @mylandwaggywalks (instagram)

The end.

Story copyright of @walkingtall.pets

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