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Time waits for no one!


Okay, Just stop for a minute and stare at your dog. Just take the time to look deeply at this marvel of a pet that is always there around us, with unconditional loyalty and love.

We are so busy as people nowadays that we can take for granted the small things that make up our day.

When I'm out walking I see so many people walking along staring into the little screen of their mobile phone, no doubt checking their Instagram about what their favourite celebrity had for breakfast! really important stuff!

We then get home and switch the bigger screen on in the corner of our room and get lost in dramas or news for the evening, all of this is outside our own lives and personal experiences. I am guilty of this, but whilst sitting looking at one of my dogs "Rocky" I realised they don't have anything else to do in life except wait for us as their owners to spend time with them and crave devoted time with us.

A pet doesn't have any gadgets to distract their day, maybe their favourite squeaky toy! They just want to be next to our side cuddled up or on a walk, that to them is "living". It's why most homeless peoples dogs are calm and balanced.

One of my dogs "Herbie" is devoted to my wife Jackie, He lives and breathes to please her and wouldn't care if nobody else in the world existed, He is totally and unapologetically bonded with her. When on a walk together, he will stay near her and at home he doesn't leave her side. When she goes out to work, he waits, and waits , and waits for her return, every car engine or door slam, his little ears prick up in anticipation of his "love" returning home. Then comes the welcome upon her return!

It's the little things in life that excite our pets, TIME is the most important little thing. Time is love, time is devotion and time is looking at the priorities of life and changing our habits to accommodate appropriate small time with the animals and people we love.

It has made me re-evaluate my time. When "Rocky" does his little bark to play ball(even at midnight!) I am going to stop worrying about what I'm watching and play with him. He is in my world, right now and it's my duty to spend quality time with him and all my dogs instead of placing gadgets and the outside world first.

So just stop. look at your pet. Think about the small things in life they cherish and take advice from them, it may help to reduce worry, stress and normalise life in this busy, messy world we share.

until next time...

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